30 Day Blog Challenge

I would like to start and complete the 30 Day Blog Challenge because I have a desire to create a successful blog about leadership and leadership development. I believe the 30 Day Blog Challenge will provide the guidance and direction I need to get my blog up and running. I believe in learning from others who have already proven to be successful. I am open to learning and applying the proven principles of creating a successful blog!

Leaders Develop People

True leaders develop people. They help to bring out the best in the people around them. True leaders understand that they could have never achieved success without the help of others, so they help others as well. True leaders enrich people’s quality of life by helping them to achieve their goals and dreams, and helping them to fulfill their purposes in life.

True Leaders Learn From Their Mistakes

True leaders use failures and mistakes as learning opportunities. They develop a habit of observing and analyzing every failure to find out how they can improve and become better. This requires them to be teachable. Leaders avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over. Repeating  the mistake two or three times is a sign that they are not actually learning from their mistakes. True leaders are always learning, therefore, they are always improving!

True leaders are solution-oriented. They are able to focus on the solution to every challenge rather than focusing on the problem itself. True leaders are able to come out on top because they believe that every problem has a solution. 

True leaders understand how to effectively deal with confrontation. While many people view confrontation as something negative, true leaders see confrontation as something that can be positive.  True leaders perceive confrontations as opportunities to clarify situations. 

Something That I Am Proud Of

I am proud of myself for starting this blog. I have wanted to do something like this for a very long, but I never committed to it until now. My goal for starting this website is to develop TRUE leaders and share my gift with the world. 

I love to help people develop themselves. I love personal development because growth is the only way for a person to reach his or her true potential. Growth is not something that “just happens.” Growth must be intentional and strategic. People often thank me for helping them to grow and for pushing them to become better. I take on the role of a coach in the lives of others by pushing them to be the best they can be. 

I developed a love for leadership when I realized that everything rises and falls on leadership. This concept is true in an organization, government, church, or family. Good leadership has the power to transform any kind of organization for the better. On the other hand, bad leadership can have devastating effects on an organization. It all comes down to training. This is why it is my goal to train and develop leaders to become TRUE  leaders, and to maximize their potential as leaders. 

My goal is to help people become better leaders and increase their effectiveness as leaders.